The Sailor Venus / Aino Minako fanlisting was launched on June 7, 2015 ♥ It is entitled C'est la vie, which is a French phrase that translates to "such is life" ☆ It is a pun on her name, as it is similar to the Japanese pronunciation of Sailor V. It is also the title of one of Minako's most popular songs as an idol, from the live-action series ♪ She is a happy-go-lucky gal, and I thought the name suited her style ♥

Version 1 Make up! Power! features a blend of images of her many transformations. It starts off on the right side with her middle school student attire, with her loyal white cat Artemis, then evolves to her first transformation as Sailor V, and finally to her final transformation as Sailor Venus I like how Minako is taking off her trademark red glasses from her Sailor V days to transition into her ultimate form as Sailor Venus ♪


 Codename wa Sailor V Sailor Chibi Moon (Chibiusa) Sailor Moon (Tsukino Usagi) Sailor Pluto (Tomoe Hotaru) Sailor Star Maker (Taiki Kou) Sailor Tin Nyanko Tuxedo Kamen (Chiba Mamoru) Usagi & Mamoru


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